Thought about a rewarding career training dogs?  Interested in learning how to increase adoptions in your shelter?  Already training and working with dogs and just want to know more?  K9 Lifeline workshops are right for you!  K9 Lifeline offers workshops and continued training classes throughout the year both in Utah and across the country.

Take a glimpse into one of our workshops

Upcoming Workshops

 3D Workshop, Dealing with Difficult Dogs featuring Martin Deeley

March 23-26, 2017 – 3D Workshop, Dealing with Difficult Dogs

This 4 day workshop will be taught by Heather Beck.  She will go over leash work, indoor socials, structured daycare, dog behavior, dog assessments, and so much more!

Martin Deeley will also be our guest and teaching, BUILDING THE BOND WITH RETRIEVING. In the session Martin will explain and show how retrieving helps build a relationship with a dog. Attendees with dogs  will be encouraged to do retrieves with their dogs in a structured and fun approach. We will work on ways of improving the retrieve and how problems can be minimized and overcome. The aim is to teach and demonstrate  the approaches to building a strong relationship and ‘want to’ in a dog by including retrieve training and exercises in the training program.  Training, Exercise, Relationship, Reward and Fun – Retrieving.  Make a training session pleasurable with retrieving and also develop the foundation for a working and competition dog.

Working spaces are very limited so sign up early if you want to work with your dog during this informative 4 days. Those attending with dogs should bring an object or objects their dog will retrieve or at least carry.

Saturday, March 25th will be our Dinner and Dog Bites event. If you are planning to attend, please be sure to let us know on your registration form.

Dec 1-Jan 30 Pricing
With a dog $600
No Dog $500

Feb 1-Mar 22 Pricing
With a dog $675
No Dog $575

To secure your spot for this workshop you MUST pay first HERE, register second HERE.

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*If you would like to board your dog at K9 Lifeline please contact us as soon as possible to make a reservation.


We are now offering an Auxiliary program! You can come 2 days early or stay 2 days late and learn even more from K9 Lifeline trainers and staff. For $200 a day you can follow and learn exactly what we do at K9 Lifeline. If you are interested in this VERY limited program, be sure to add it to your registration form. You can pick a MAXIMUM of 2 days. After your registration is received you will need to pay via Paypal (we will send the invoice) in order for your spot to be secured. We will contact you if space is not available. If you have a dog coming to the workshop they will not be worked with in the Auxiliary program. They will be able to do daycare but we will not be working one on one with them. If you have any further questions about this program please email us at


More Coming Soon!

Workshops can come to you

Heather Beck is available to teach workshops on many topics and in many different formats, At K9 Lifeline or elsewhere.

If you have questions about setting up a workshop in your area or attending one don’t hesitate to get a hold of K9 Lifeline.