Founder of K9 Lifeline, Heather has been working with dogs since 1995. Her experience ranges from Animal Control Officer to fostering dogs for adoption to running her own large breed and pitbull rescue, she also has trained and handled every type of dog from puppies to difficult and reactive. She worked with dogs through her college years, earning a Bachelor’s Degree from Westminster College. These many years of hands on experience enables her to successfully connect with dogs and owners to teach the psychology behind a dog’s behavior, creating better communication with “man’s best friend”. Most importantly, she gets results, as indicated by grateful clients and students from around the world.


Heather and her blind dog Odin

Heather has been sought out by some of the most recognized people in the industry. She has worked alongside the “Dog Whisperer”, Cesar Millan as part of his Team of Trainers at the Dog Psychology Center in California. Cesar sought her out after hearing about her success socializing and working with difficult and reactive dogs. She worked side by side with Cesar teaching workshops to groups of students from around the World!

Working with dogs has given Heather so many amazing opportunities including working with her staff and clients to train over 60 dogs for Sony Pictures, The 12 dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue. She has always continued her rescue roots by fostering and adopting out over 2,000 dogs since 1995. She has a soft spot in her heart and home for older or disabled dogs, including adopting many dogs over 10 years old, several blind dogs,  and even adopting a 2-legged dog from a rescue she worked with while in Taiwan!

She is well recognized as an active member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, IACP, and was given the honor in 2014 to present as a key note speaker. Her topic “Rehab Reality” is quickly becoming the go to system for shelters workers, rescues and trainers to evaluate dogs in their programs. In April of 2014 Heather was given the chance to teach a 7 day Caribbean Education at Sea Program, this included 3 days of at sea lectures and several days of hands on work with local shelters. One of the stops included Saga Humane Society in San Pedro, Belize This is an organization Heather has been a part of for many years as a volunteer, active board member and now as a board adviser. Her work with Saga and wanting to purchase a condo for visiting vet teams, brought the attention of film crews and she was featured on HGTV’s show, House Hunters International. Heather spends much of her time working with many forms of nonprofit organizations to help raise funds, she was asked by Burton Snowboards, The Chill Foundation, to teach a workshop at the Burton Headquarters in Vermont. At the 2 day event in 2015, 2016, and 2018 with over 100 attendees, almost $50,000 has been raised to support underprivileged youth snow and skate programs. As a lifelong skier and snowboarder, Heather was so honored to bring her dog training skills and love of snow sports together.

Heather Beck is a Professional Level Member, and also has been awarded and recognized as an Ambassador of the IACP, and in 2016 was awarded Article of The Year for her submission to the Canine Professional Journal, “Burden of Information”. She has striven to keep up with her training and education by earning her CDT, CDTA, and PDTI Certificates through IACP. She has also served as a member of the Board of Directors and presented at the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 annual conferences. K9 Lifeline is a proud sponsor of the IACP.

In Oct of 2014 Heather became a new mother to a beautiful little girl! Heather hopes to raise her daughter with the same love and empathy of animals she has. When not at K9 Lifeline, she is spending time at her home, The Canine, Cattle and Camel Ranch.  Along with her dogs, she owns a goat, 3 alpacas, Mini Scottish Highlander steer, a Texas Longhorn that she has trained to ride, and 3 camels!  She always loves being a student and working with these animals and her students, clients and staff  gives her that opportunity.

She strives to always keep up to date with the most innovative methods of working with dogs and people by attending workshops and seminars across the country. She is also an accomplished teacher and offers many opportunities for trainers and those wanting to become trainers. Including a long running Shadow Program and workshops at K9 Lifeline and around the world. She teaches throughout the country and internationally. Heather has been trained in many aspects of working with dogs and she and her staff adjust the training to match each dog and client.

The K9 Lifeline Team


Founder of K9 Lifeline

The staff is made up of enthusiastic and very motivated individuals.  We have all been brought together due to a mutual love and respect of dogs.  The majority of staff started out as clients dealing with difficult dogs of their own.  We have experienced and lived with many issues that our clients deal with giving us a unique perspective on working with and caring for the dogs at K9 Lifeline.  The trainers, kennel techs and office staff all have a deep passion and drive to help dogs through training, daycare and a comfortable, clean and calm boarding environment. We strive to offer the best services possible for the dogs and the clients.