When staying at K9 Lifeline your dog will be rotated throughout the day in different activities depending on your dogs needs. Between activities dogs will be given time to rest and recharge for the next adventure. Check out our VIP boarding to customized your dogs activities.

All of our staff is required to complete the Pet Tech Pet CPR and First Aid.  This intensive, full-day course includes hands-on practice of CPR and first aid applications, as well as wellness and geriatric care.  We are currently the only facility in the state with this requirement, so you can be assured that your dogs are receiving the best care possible!

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No Dog Left Behind!

K9 Lifeline can board any dog, with any issues. ALL BREEDS AND BEHAVIORS ARE WELCOME.

After boarding at K9 Lifeline your dog will go home happy and healthy. K9 Lifeline strives to make this time away from home as stress free as possible for both dogs and their owners.

Because K9 Lifeline offers such individual attention space is limited, so call in advance to set up boarding times.

Standard Boarding Prices

$49/night for 1 dog

$45/night for 2 or more dogs

Weekend and Holiday Boarding Prices

(Prices are in addition to Standard Boarding prices and VIP extras if applicable)

+$3.00/Night Thursday-Saturday

+$3.50/Night over Holidays (Typically one day before, after and the actual holiday)

VIP Boarding Prices

$25/in addition to boarding per day per dog

VIP Boarding will give you the option to do even more for your dog while you are away. K9 Lifeline staff will do extra activities with your dog each day that YOU CHOOSE!

Activities include: Loose leash walking, Treadmill, Structured play, Fixed Space, Grooming conditioning and much more!

VIP Boarding dogs will have their own Kennel Attendant to make their stay even better and pictures and updates sent to you every day they are signed up for VIP so you know what and how they are doing. VIP Boarding also allows you more freedom with pick up and drop off times throughout the day.

For more information on our VIP Boarding please message us at


  • New Clients please provide proof of vaccinations as well as a clean fecal exam
  • Bring your dogs food in an air tight,  PLASTIC container (No Ziploc bags, please)
  • Please have a collar and leash for drop off and pick up
    • No prong or chain collars will be kept on dogs during boarding so please provide a nylon collar for your dog to wear during boarding
  • We will provide bedding and toys for your dog
  • We also can administer medications if needed

More questions? Check out our FAQ page