Do I have to bring food for my dog during boarding?

No. We will gladly feed your dog our house food (Natures Domain) for $5 per day. This can however upset stomachs of dogs so most people choose to bring their own food.

Can I bring pre-cooked or raw food?

Yes. We have many clients who feed their dogs cooked or raw food. We have a freezer and refrigerator to store food in while they are here.

Can I bring my dogs food in the original bag?

No. Please bring your dogs food in an air tight container. We live near a lot of fields and bringing paper, plastic or original bags of dog food make it very difficult for us to keep away ants, rodents and other critters that love dog food. We require a HARD plastic container for the sanitary keeping of your dogs food for their stay with us.

I already keep my dogs food in a large plastic container. Can I just bring the whole container?

No. We do not have room to store large food containers. Our bin’s for your dogs belongings is approximately 12×12 inches. Please only bring enough food for your dogs stay with us.

What vaccination records do I need? Is my dogs Rabies tag enough?

We require the rabies vaccination to be current in order for your dog to participate in daycare, boarding, training or evaluations. We recommend that you speak with your vet about keeping up to date on all other vaccinations.
The Rabies tag will not be acceptable for proof of vaccination. We need to have a paper copy for our records.

Do I need to bring a bed/blanket for my dog while he/she stays with you?

Beds/blankets are welcome. We have cots and blankets on hand if you would rather not bring your own.

Do I need to bring bowls?

No. We have bowls that we use and prefer that you leave your bowls at home so they do not get mixed up with ours.

Can my dog have toys in the kennel?

We do allow toys in the kennel but find most dogs ignore them or destroy them

What is the drop off pick up time?

Drop off/Pick up hours are:  Mon-Fri  8:00-10:00 am or 4:00 pm-7:00 pm, Sat-Sun 4:00 pm-6:00 pm only. We do NOT have a morning drop off Saturday and Sunday.

How often does my dog get to go potty?

All of the dogs are let out for their first potty break between 7:30 am-8:00 am every morning. All dogs get to have a potty break or socialization every two hours throughout the day until the last potty break between 8:30 pm-9:00 pm.

How long are is my dog out socializing?

If your dog is a puppy or small dog, they will have 3 sessions of about 2 hours each socializing with a break in between so they can rest.

If your dog is good with dogs and good with people, they will have two socials between 3-4 hours each with a rest in between.

If your dog is working on doggy skills and people skills, they will have 2 sessions with our trainer in the group on leash and potty breaks every 2 hours for one on one time for some snuggles with our staff.

What size are the kennels my dog will be sleeping in?

Most of our kennels are 5ft x 5ft. We do have two bigger kennels for large breed dogs or multiple dogs that is 10ft x 5ft.

Can my dogs sleep together in the same kennel?

For safety reasons we generally do not allow dogs to  board in the same kennels, but we can make sure that your dogs are boarded next to each other so they can remain close.

Can i request my own appointments online?

YES! We have a new program called Gingr that allows you to request appointments for Boarding, Daycare and Grooming. Training appointments will still need to be done the old fashioned way (email, phone or in person). Current customers click HERE  (Sign in the with email given and click “Forgot Password” to get started) New customers click HERE  (Use the password k9lifeline to get started)

More Questions?

No problem!  Just send us an email or call us at 801.272.1159.