Thought about a rewarding career training dogs?  Interested in learning how to increase adoptions in your shelter?  Already training and working with dogs and just want to know more?  K9 Lifeline workshops are right for you!  K9 Lifeline offers workshops and continued training classes throughout the year both in Utah and across the country.

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Upcoming Workshops

 3D Workshop, Dealing with Difficult Dogs 2019

SOLD OUT!  Houston, TX June 6-8th, 2019

Heather will cover:

  • Safe Handling
  • Leash Work (puppies to aggressive dogs)
  • Running Safe Socials
  • Structured Daycare
  • Dog Behavior
  • Dog Assessments
  • Group Classes
  • Business Building
  • Working with Difficult Clients

Plus so much more!


Play As the Way with Jay Jack 2019

Heather Beck of K9 Lifeline in Utah is excited to be hosting Jay Jack of Next Level Dogs for this Play As The Way event! This amazing opportunity will benefit anyone interested in taking their relationship with their dog to the next level, from dog owners to high-end sport handlers, all are welcome to attend, learn, and enjoy!

This workshop will take place over 5 days, with a 1 day break between the 2 sections.

May 4th- 5th- Play As The Way: Social Responsibility Foundation:

This will discuss the concept of using play based training to teach the skills needed for social responsibility. Participants will learn several ways to use food including the Treat Chase Game, and how to use structured Personal Play. You will learn the Red Light Green Light Game on retractable leash, as well as Pressure and Release, and a complete system of tactical leash handling skills. The Rub Down to put relaxation on cue will all be covered. This seminar should give you all the skills you need to prepare to pass GRC Dogsports Social Responsibility Test if you choose to pursue that goal.

May 7th- 8th- Play As The Way: Sport Foundation:

Jay Jack will introduce you to the world of GRC Dogsports Drive Sports. There will be work on the basics of Toy Play and Harness Acclimation. We’ll also introduce the Spring Pole, Wall Climb, Weight Pull and Mill Races. You’ll learn how to use indirect rewards, and learn the difference between Supportive Games and the Competitive Games most people use in training. These ideas will take your work to the next level even if you don’t want to pursue any actual sport titles.

Participants can attend either or both workshops.

Audit Spots: Social Responsibility – $325
Sport Foundation – $325
Both – $650

Working Spots: (Handler and their dog)- SOLD OUT!
Social Responsibility – $425
Sport Foundation – $425
Both – $850

Once registered we will send out a welcome letter with airport and hotel information will be sent out. You can also contact us directly for details.

Audit Register here

Working Register here

 3D Workshop, Dealing with Daycare Dogs 2019

August 21st and 22nd, 2019

Heather will cover:

  • Safe Handling
  • Running Safe Socials
  • Running a Structured Daycare
  • Dog Behavior
  • Dog Assessments
  • Safe Introductions
  • Business Building

Plus so much more!




More Workshops Coming Soon!

Workshops can come to you

Heather Beck is available to teach workshops on many topics and in many different formats, at K9 Lifeline or elsewhere.

If you have questions about setting up a workshop in your area or attending one don’t hesitate to get a hold of K9 Lifeline.