Thought about a rewarding career training dogs? Interested in learning how to increase adoptions in your shelter?  Already training and working with dogs and just want to know more?  K9 Lifeline workshops are right for you!  K9 Lifeline offers workshops and continued training classes throughout the year both in Utah and across the country.

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Upcoming Workshops

3D Workshop, Dealing with Difficult Dogs with Heather Beck and Jason Vasconi

More dates coming soon

Heather and Jason will cover:

  • Safe Handling
  • Leash Work (puppies to aggressive dogs)
  • Running Safe Socials, both indoor and large field
  • Structured Daycare
  • Dog Behavior
  • Dog Assessments
  • Business Building
  • Working with Difficult Clients

Plus so much more!

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Daycare Workshop with Heather Beck

September 27 – September 29, 2021

Running a safe doggie daycare takes a lot more than just letting a bunch of dogs have a “free for all”. This 3 day, hands-on workshop will focus on how to run a safe and structured daycare that will keep the dogs in your daycare safe, happy, and go home better than when they came in! You will learn how to properly evaluate dogs, how to work with difficult dogs in a group setting, how to keep energy calm, but when to let structured play happen. How to know what energy of dogs is good or bad together. How to create and control space at gates and around new dogs. What to do when things go wrong and how to get dogs properly through “recovery” after an incident. Better dealing with daycare clients and how to find the right clients for your business. So many tools, techniques, and information will be shared, your business and the dogs in your care will thrive! This will benefit anyone working in a daycare, owner, or wanting to open one!
We will be working hands-on in our daycare, so no dogs will be allowed at this workshop, we have plenty.

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More Workshops Coming Soon!

Workshops can come to you

Heather Beck is available to teach workshops on many topics and in many different formats, at K9 Lifeline or elsewhere.

If you have questions about setting up a workshop in your area or attending one don’t hesitate to get a hold of K9 Lifeline.