Custom Length for Transitional Leash™

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K9 Lifeline Transitional Leash (patent pending) is the most innovative and gentle dual purpose, no pull, training leash on the market. From head halter to slip lead, transition from a pulling dog to a calm companion. Choose between the Standard size (3/8″ in diameter), that will fit most dogs over 10 lbs., and the K9 LTL (1/4″ in diameter), for dogs under 20 lbs. and dogs with short snouts like boxers, bulldogs, ect…

Order here for leashes other than the standard 6 feet. Limited colors available for custom length leashes. Listed length is TOTAL leash length.

To receive detailed instructions on how to use the K9 Lifeline Transitional Leash click HERE

If you have any questions, please contact us at 801-272-1159 / prior to ordering.
(Please bare in mind that any custom leash will take a little longer since they are made in-house)

Bulk Pricing

  • 1-9, $25
  • 10-49, $23
  • 50-99, $21
  • 100-400, $19
  • 500+, $17

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